• Teres Lucot

Fixer upper your closet

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Clear the clutter and get your wardrobe in tip top shape. Get rid of anything that has a tag on it, doesn’t represent your personal style, or doesn’t bring you “joy” any longer.

This book has given me such joy in decluttering when I was downsizing from a 5-bedroom 2 story home. It taught me many things. How to fold, which really was important. The look of a clean, uncluttered home is what brings me joy. I recommend it!

Since I am in the business of selling clothing, we like to help you interpret your style. We suggest you invest in comfortable, well made clothing that you can feel good about. A small investment in wardrobing is a good thing! It will freshen things up while inspiring you to look and feel your best. We carry mostly casual and some dressy/casual tops, pants, denim, skirts and dresses. Plus, we have accessories to compliment your style all at affordable prices.

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